The Story of Scruffy & Pals by Scruffy

Dad started with a simple idea for his golf ball, that has blossomed into Scruffy & Pals. It has been a long and sometimes painful journey, but I wouldn't have wanted to take it with anyone but him. Let me tell you how this all came about. Let's see now; where do I start?
Oh yea ...

Dad is an avid golfer and, like most people who love the game, he is afflicted with the challenge of repeating the perfect swing and having that instant gratification that follows the perfect shot. Realizing that his shots were usually far from perfect, Dad knew right away that having a unique mark on his ball would come in handy as he traipsed through the high grass and around the woods, looking for his errant shots.

How Do They Know Which Ball is Theirs?

Being an artist and a little different than most folks, Dad said, "if I'm gonna mark my ball, I'm gonna use something besides a dot or circle. If everyone uses a dot or circle, how the heck do they know which ball is theirs? After all, how much talent does it take to put a dot on a ball?"

Mom marks her ball with a red marker by making a smiley face with curly hair. One of Dad's golfing buddies marks his ball with a pair of eyes and a nose with a mustache - he calls it "Dizz". Dad says that's because with all the topspin his buddy puts on the ball, it must get dizzy.

Scruffy, Where Are You?

Not to be outdone, Dad started drawing different cartoon characters on his golf balls and named all of them Scruffy, because I was always scruffed up from rococheting in the tree trunks, bouncing off golf cart paths and any other inanimate objects that happened to be in the line of flight. Other players found me interesting and began calling me by name.

Soon Dad discovered my unique personality and actually started talking to me on the golf course.  I know this may seem a little weird, but there are times when I can hear him screaming at me as I fly toward a tree or head for a landing in deep grass. He'll tell me to "turn right, Scruffy, turn right" or "get down, Scruffy, get down"! And then one day, the inevitable happened - Dad lost me! Thank goodness another golfer found me, recognized my face and returned me to Dad. That convinced him of another good reason to have me on his golf ball.

With Dad and I getting so close, I thought it was time to lay down a few ground rules to play by. I asked him to line me up on the greens with my eyes looking at the hole, so I can see where I am going. When he tees me up on the tee box, point me facing down the fairway so as not to smack me in the face and knock me silly. I'd also like to be washed and dried off from time to time. It's tough to see the fairway and flag with dirt in your eyes!

When people started asking Dad to draw some characters on golf balls to give as gifts, Mom and my sister convinced him that he needed to think about starting a business with Scruffy. But Dad said that he wouldn't do that with just one character. I would have to have some pals! So he started with Knothead and Hoss and thus began the series of Scruffy & Pals. This is how we looked on the first balls he drew. We were pretty rugged then, before we had the copyrights and trademarks stamped on our behinds!
This is my story, how me and my pals came to be. I think you will find it interesting.
Original drawings on balls
I drew characters on paper and they were digitally reproduced on balls.
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How We Got Started In This Journey
You have probably read stories about people who start a multi-million dollar business from scratch,in the basement of their home, after losing all their assets. The moral of the story is: "losing everything is the motivation you need to succeed." Yea, right!

Well exactly one year ago, the day after Independence Day a few years back, we became totally "independent!" I was asked, by the company for whom he worked, to take early retirement - at age 58 - with no regard or appreciation for his years of service, dedication and contributions. There were no signs or premonitions, only a direct and surprising conversation which resulted in unemployment!!

What Do We Do Now?
After days of trying to digest this most distressing news, we became increasingly aware of our apparent dilemma. The words "too young to retire; but too old to hire" were resounding off the walls as we started the slow process of trying to find the priorities in our life.

A few years earlier, we had begun promoting Scruffy & Pals with limited success, due mostly to lack of time. An acquaintance designed a mediocre website for us which was little more than an informational brochure and yielded no public exposure. Scruffy's dad surmised that we were "a grain of sand on the beach waiting to be noticed."

Times Have Changed
We were raised in a time when you submitted an employment application to a specific company, you were called in for a personal interview, after which you were notified by mail or phone of their decision. Boy, have times changed! In the high-tech job market arena of today, everything is done via the Internet! You must post your resume, life bio and photograph on websites which supposedly are reviewed by reputable organizations, from whom you never have any contact or discover who they are or what they represent. The only responses you receive are from opportunists looking for ways to tear down your already bruised ego, in order sell you $8,000 worth of "professional grooming" that will gain you exposure to lucrative business executives who are waiting to offer you that perfect job.

Suddenly we found ourselves inundated with time that we needed to direct in a positive, productive and profitable direction. Our only recourse was to pursue our dreams with Scruffy & Pals. We have always received positive feedback regarding the Scruffy & Pals concept and now we needed to take it to the next level. We would need a new and improved website, one that we could build and manage ourselves, so the public would come to know the unique and charismatic personalities of the Scruffy & Pals characters.

My wife and I have been a successful team for over fifty years and we would now test that relationship to the fullest by working together in a business venture. Susan completed two classes in webpage design, but had not given it much thought since. She began reviewing the material with the hopes of gaining enough skill to build a new website for Scruffy & Pals. She was pleased with how well she remembered HTML, but, we need to get a website now - not in a year or two.

Susan worked tirelessly on building our website using Site Build It.  It was a long and tedious project, but she did an excellent job.  During that time, I started playing around with Blue Voda and eventually build a website for our church which led to building one for a friend and for a church organization. The good thing about using Blue Voda is that knowing HTML is not required, which I was pleased with.

After I lost my job and was unable to find another, we did not have the capital to invest in our dream.  Recently we got to thinking if we don't get Scruffy & Pals revitalized, we may never do it.  Thus this website built on Blue Voda platform and using their servers

We also have started where I am offering prints of some of my dad's paintings of.  Old barns, water mills, old houses.
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The copyrights and trademarks are owned exclusively by Daniel J. Smith. No reproduction of any kind of any of the text and or characters is authorized without consent.
The cartoon characters are not intended to represent any person living or deceased.  Any similarities is strictly coincindental.  This site is for entertainment purposes only.