My Artistic Ability Came from God Through My Dad!

I grew up in a small town in West Virginia. My dad was an artist, but as a livelihood to support our family, he and Mom owned and operated a general store. They sold a little bit of everything from groceries to horseshoes to plug tobacco - even five buckle artics.
In the back of the store was a pot belly stove that was cold as steel in the summertime, but in the winter, its cherry-red belly would radiate enough heat to draw a sweat. As a kid, I would sit by that stove, on a bench with my legs swinging, and listen to the local loafers spin yarns and gossip. I often wondered: "If that old stove could talk,what tales would it tell?"

Appreciating the Wit and Wisdom!

Growing up around a bunch of characters with very unique personalities, I came to appreciate their wit and wisdom. I can still hear and smell the sizzle of tobacco spit striking the belly of that stove, as I listened to them talk and argue while they played checkers. I suspect I developed my gift of gab from those folks, as well as some of my humor.

Dad was renowned for his oil and watercolor paintings of landscape scenes in the West Virginia countryside. He loved to sketch and paint weathered houses and barns, one of my favorite painting had three crows on the horizon. I have few of his works available at    3 Crows Art website. I never quite developed his skills. Instead my talent grew in the area of cartoon characters and writing.

Who, Me an Artist?

I never took drawing seriously and I certainly never considered it as a genuine business venture until Scruffy was "born". Now I am having more fun than a mouse in a corn crib, as I design and develop the personalities of Scruffy & Pals. I will continue to add new characters with distinct personalities and opinions on golf related subjects to this site. So be sure to check back often and get to know the Pals. Heck, you might even take a liken' to 'em!

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This is Dan Smith,
the founder of Scruffy & Pals swinging and drawing on the porch
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