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Yes, I’m Scruffy and I want to tell you a bit about myself and why I'm on this website.

It all started with my dad (Dan Smith) who is obsessed with golf. He went to the US Open one year and spent an entire day looking through binoculars at the balls the pros use. He noticed that they use dots to mark their balls. Made him wonder how they knew which dots were theirs.

Since Dad is also an artist,he decided to be creative and draw a cartoon character on the ball he would use for his next round. After a few errant shots, sand in his teeth, mud on his socks and a couple trips to the woods, Dad looked at the character on his ball and said, “Your name must be Scruffy!”

That was just the beginning. I have become the main character in a continuously growing series of unique and amusing personalities known as Scruffy & Pals.

My pals and I are all distinct in appearance, personality and our approach to the game. Each of us has special interests and expertise and we want to share information, tips and even our opinions with you. Our clean humor and common sense will add a new dimension to your game.

Ya see the bunch of my pals up there?  Click on anyone of us to learn more about us.

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Hi, I'm Scruffy, I bet you
are surprised to find a  dorkey guy like me here!
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