I'm am the creator of the series and I want you to meet Scruffy.
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Scruffy plays the main character in the golf series, Scruffy & Pals.

Our main man, Scruffy, is a quiet sort, with a soft voice and a dry, but keen sense of humor. Playing golf and being with his pals are the two favorite things he does to enjoy himself when he is away from his pressure filled job.

That "special gal" has not come into Scruffy's life (as yet) and until she does, he is quite content with the companionship of his dog, Bogey. He adopted Bogey when he started his first job, about the same time he purchased the only set of golf clubs he has ever owned. Scruffy says those clubs and Bogey are a lot alike. They never expect too much and are always loyal and reliable.

Practice = $$$$$

As a perfectionist, he would rather hone his skills around the practice area than to actually play on the course. Practicing helps Scruffy carry an honest 8 handicap and he frequently takes some cash from his pals at their regular Saturday morning round of golf.
His career requires him to travel, so he takes advantage of every opportunity to play golf on his trips. In addition to being your host on this site and introducing you to his interesting pals, he will also be sharing some of his favorite places to play and some tips to put some fun into your practice sessions.
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This is Scruffy's dog, Bogey, click the dog house to meet him. 
If you are as serious about golf as I am you spend a lot of time on the driving range practicing.  I found this neat flightScope that helps me analyze my swing, distance and more. And you can carry in in your pocket and use when you are playing practice rounds.  You should check it out, just click on the image
9.5' long, lines to help align face of putter and distance gird to you can practice those nagging short putts.