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Rules of Golf

Nile's Rules

CHEERS!  I have never quite understood why reasonable persons would participate in such a bloody event as golf, with its complex rules...
give me a good game of cricket any day. My former superior was addicted to the silly game.

Often times following a visit to the links, Sir John, over a glass of scotch, would engage in a spirited conversation with his mates. The source of discussion would always be a particularly horrid infraction of the rules during the course of play.

Niles Uncovers a Rule Protecting Young Trees
I recall one day, in particular, when Sir John was accusing William of Knottinghead for being in gross violation and he emphatically invoked Rule 5-e, under Appendix 1, Part A - Local Rules, page 21 of the Royal and Ancient Rules of Golf, "protection of young trees". Sir John lay blame on poor William for inflicting a blundering strike toward his ball, which violently struck and severed a limb from an immature oak. I wondered: "do they have rules to protect old trees, as well? I must gen-up on the rules of golf."

There are many odd, and indeed, confusing terms in the rules of golf, for example: "abnormal ground conditions". Have you ever been on a golf course in Great Britain? Is there anything normal about the ground? I think not!

I do hope you will be checking with me periodically as I share some very uncommon insights into the rules of golf and the history of the game. Please take advantage of the links provided below for the Royal and Ancients and United States Golf Associations in your queries of the rules.

Royal and Ancients Golf Association
United States Golf Association

The Open is the only championship played in the world, as far as I am concerned!  I thought I would give you some interesting links and rules history on the British Open.

Whilst tiptoeing around the Internet, I ran upon a site by some chaps who have compiled over forty thousand political and historical quotations over the past couple of centuries. I will put forth a few examples to pique your interest. On January 23, 1989, Will Rogers said, "The income tax has made more liars out of Americans than golf has...."; a bumper sticker during Mr. Eisenhower's presidency read, "BEN HOGAN FOR PRESIDENT....if we are going to have a golfer, let's have a good one!"; and Mr. Eisenhower on why he loved golf, "If I miss a golf ball, the world does not blow up."

Have you ever wondred who is the best golfer of all times, or what is the gratest golf movies of all time or who are the best dirvers of the ball of all time?  Here is a link that is sure to have the answers.
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