Meet Lefty,
Losing an arm and a leg did not stop him!

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Lefty has a special significance, because he was developed for a special reason. Dad will explain.

Our local country club hosts an Annual Amputee Golf tournament.  I was working with a local magazine doing some writing.  Occasionally they will ask local members of the club to play if they need to fill a four ball.  I was asked one year, and boy was it an experience to remember.  We all have a tendency to form opinions about people, particularly folks with disabilities.  Playing with the guys and gals was an eye opening and heart warming experience.

In order to get invited to the tournament you must have had a hand, arm, or leg amputated. What I learned from the guys I played with is that golf is the perfect and most effective rehabilitation.  It helps with balance for those getting used to only having one leg and for those with one arm it forces them to learn how to use their good arm.  Most importantly golf rehabilitates the mind, restores self confidence, because of the very nature of golf challenges the mind and help overcome depression, and instills confidence which is a battle many amputees struggle with.

I got acquainted with Bill,the director of the tournament.  He asked me if I would develop an amputee character in the Scruffy & Pals group.  I said yes and Lefty is what I came up with. The arm prosthesis is unique, because the club is designed with thread on the end of the grip end that screws into the prosthesis.  It can easy be exchanged with any club.  This is a concept that needs perfected, and anyone interested in trying, please get in touch.

At the tournament the next year, I framed the original drawing and give it to Bill to auction off at their banquet.  I did not give the character a name and told them to gather suggestions.  The name they selected was "Sweet Swinging Ray",after the name of the Ray Rice,founder of the state amputee golf tournament. 

Lefty is the name I had in mind when drawing him, so that is the name we will use in the Scruffy & Pals series.
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