[The Old (Fiddler's) Mill]. Here is what Dad wrote about his painting: "Doyle Eskew an artist friend and I went sketching down in the Arlington area. We had a very enjoyable evening and this is how I imagined the original mill would have looked." Painted in 1975."
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[Fiddler's Mill Pool] This is another view of the original mill built in 1849. The mill to the right of Fiddler's Mill was a sawmill also powred by a water powered turbine. My dad and his friends would often swim in the deep pool just below the mill when they were kids.
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[The McNeel Mill in Mill Point WV] We often took Sunday drives and Mom would pack a picnic lunch. When Dad saw something he wanted to sketch, Steve and I would play, Mom would knit and try to keep us from getting into trouble. He painted this in1975 and gave it to me for my 29th birthday.
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[Early Mail] Painted in the studio from a pencil sketch he drew on location. The house was on the Fish Hatchery road near Petersburg, WV. He wrote: "Marge and I were on vacation staying at the Goldizen Cabins on the North Fork. We made trips around this area and I sketched as Marge knit. This is a typical mountain in that area. Sketched in 1970."


[House of Seven Gables] Painted in 1954. I remember Dad saying he was thinking of some of the people who lived in French Creek as he painted the people walking on the sidewalk. This has always been one of my favorite paintings and have it hanging in our home.
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Belgium Street] painted from a sketch Dad did while serving in the Army during WWII. I have a sketch book that Dad carried with him during the war with drawings of various things he saw and experineced.

[Nobody Home] Dad wrote on the back of the canvas: "Old man comes home and finds old lady left him." I assume he was thinking of the guys returning from the war and some finding life not to be the same as when they left. This is another of my favorite paintings.

[Sunflowers] Dad studied Vincent van Gogh and became facinated by his style of painting with short brush heavily loaded with paint. I included this paintings to show his van Gogh style.
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[Smoke Hole Home] Painted in 1974 from a sketch Dad did when he and Mom were on a side trip vacationing on the North Fork, near Petersburg, WV. They drove in the Smoke Hole area and he was attracted to this log home. My favorite part of this painting is the man walking from the shed in the lower right corner and the pots on the porch railing.

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[Winter Barns] Sketched in Grant County and painted in 1969. The North Fork, as they referred to it, was a special place for Dad and Mom. Anytime they could get away from the store for a weekend we headed to Petersburg, usually staying in rental cabins on the North Fork of the Potomac river.

[Twin Silos] Sketched on the Weston Road between Buckhannon and Weston, WV. Painted in 1975

[Crawford Barns] Sketched in Ireland, WV. Painted in studio. I love the cows, chckens, hay stacks, the log barn, with the patched shingles, the wagon, the pile of manure. When he was painting, he was right there...he could hear the cows and chickens, smell the manure, He was always totally into whatever he was painting.

[Red Barns] Dad wrote on the back of the painting, "This is the first painting after Marge died in 1979. She was with me when I sketched it. It is dedicated to her."

[French Creek west] Painted in 1974 from photos taken by Morris Brooks around 1918.

[French Creek] Painted in 1966 showing French French Creek as it looked around 1955. Dad painted this from a photo taken from the hill above Rt. 20. This is how I remember French Creek. Our home is the cream house with a red roof, center left. Dad and Mom owned the store just to the right of the Church. I went to the school on the hill above town.

[French Creek east] Painted in 1974 from photos taken by Morris Brooks around 1918.

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[Fiddler's Mill Falls] Painted, September 1975. This was the second of two mills built on the orginial foundation; the first mill was built in 1849. The stone foundation was laid up by slaves the Fiddler's brought to the valley. This information was given to Dad by Russell Fiddler age 84, who was the owner of the mill at that time.
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[Appalachian Architecture] Painted from a sketch done in June 1968 north of Rt. 50 above Moorefieled during a vacation on the North Fork. "Marge would knit and I would sketch; something we both enjoyed doing. At the1970 Strawberry Festival I won 1st place. Charley Harper, famous for his illustrations in Ford Times and for his Lady Bug prints, was the judge."

[For Sale] Painted from a sketch of a house in Tennerton, WV across from the Garden Fresh. The house was not in this condition, Dad just thought it should be. My wife, Susan, suggested he add the For Sale sign. This painting is one of Susan's favorite paintings and it hangs in our bedroom