This is our Club Pro, Buggsey

Before he became our club pro, Buggsey lived in Las Vegas and worked in the casinos as a dealer. That's where he met Hoss. As you know, Hoss loves to gamble and goes to Vegas every chance he gets. Buggsey dealt cards at the blackjack table which just happened to be Hoss's lucky stand. They became acquainted and decided to get together for some gambling on the golf course.

Not Everything Stays in Vegas!

The idea of golf with some gambling got Buggsey hooked on the game. So he gave up dealing cards to attend a golf teaching academy and became a teaching professional. When our local course appointed me to the search committee for a new club pro, Hoss immediately set up an interview with Buggsey. The rest is history.

The Eyes Have It!

Since becoming our club pro, Buggsey has earned quite a reputation with the members. He not only has a snazzy style of dress, but also has the talent for seeing the "bugs" in your swing and teaching you how to get rid of them. Can you think of a better knickname? Another bonus for our club is the relationships Buggsey has made from working in Vegas. He has connections with people from a variety of enterprises, which enables him to make some great deals on discount golf equipment for our members.
I know you're interested in some good deals, too, so I've talked Buggsey into hooking us up to some discounts on golf equipment and giving us some advice on swing flaws.

Below are some of my tips...

A Grateful Club-Pro

Buggsey here. I owe a debt of gratitude to Scruffy and Hoss in helping me land this job as club-pro. It is the most rewarding business I have ever been involved in. I am able to get paid for working at my favorite pastime, and at the same time, help others improve their golf skills so they will have the ability to enjoy the game for the rest of their lives.

Repaying the Debt

I promised Scruffy that I would share my ideas on dressing for golf, learning to fix the flaws in your swing and hooking you up with some folks who have the best deals on discount golf equipment. This is the least I can do to repay him for the wonderful opportunity I have been given as club pro. Sounds like I have a lot to cover, so I'd better get started.

Dress to Impress and Impress at Address!

When it comes to clothes, I like to dress to impress. But when it comes to my golf clubs, I tend to impress at address. What do I mean by that? Well, being around Vegas, and now the club, I've gotta be stylish to impress our members and guests. They have more respect for a pro who looks like he could step up to the first tee on the Champions tour and make an impact on Arnie, Jack and Gary.

But when it comes to my golf game, I try to impress at address by executing a flawless swing with a $99 used driver that allows my ball to fly past the drives from the $400 ones. If you are like me, you don't want to have to take out a second mortgage to buy the newest technology when you can buy the hottest, newest, greatest equipment from a couple of years ago that will perform just as well. It's not the club that makes the difference in your golf game, it is the person holding the grip!

A $1,200 Set of Clubs Does Not Make a Golfer!

I have seen a lot of golfers leave the club house with their pro-sized bag brimming over with the newest, most expensive clubs on the market, only to return five or six hours later with a scorecard posting a 98. So, who did they impress? The young man loading their clubs into the back of their SUV, probably!

Take a look at Knothead. Now there is a guy who has spent about as much money on golf clubs and gadgets as Hoss has at the blackjack table. But his game is still crap! He has never learned that clubs are like a pencil drawing a straight line on a piece of paper. If the hand that is holding that pencil can't keep it firm and in control, that straight line will end up as a curve. Likewise in golf, it is not the clubs, but the proper grip of the person with the club and their ability to get the club square to the ball at impact, with power and consistency. If you can master that, you're on your way to a better game!

I hope I've given you some things to think about that will improve your golf and save you some money. Visit this site again for some discount golf deals and more ideas on enhancing your game.
This is
Buggsey!  He gave up a life in Vegas to come here to be our Pro
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