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Bogey has become my buddy and a fixture at the Shade Well Club House.  He was fell out of a dump truck load of sand.  I have no idea how he got in the load of sand, that's a story he will have to tell you.  But at the club house he is every ones pal, or should I say pup?

Knothead, Hoss and I were playing one sunny summer afternoon.  We hit our approach shots to an elevated green on hole #4, we all three hit the green.  When we got to the green, we see this pup playing with a ball.  He would run with it and drop it and sort of pounce on it and shake his head and flip the ball and run after it again. 

When he saw us, he picked up the ball and ran over to the big maple tree not far from the green and laid down.  When we started checking which ball was ours, it turns out the pup had Knothead's ball.  Knothead cursed at the pup and said give me my pall you little *&^))^%. The pup got up with his back end up in the air and his front legs spread out in front of him with the ball just beyond his nose.  Knothead stomped over to the pup cursing and just as he got close, the pup gathered up the ball and took off and ran about 10yds and dropped the ball and waited for Knothead to chase him.  This went on for about 5 minutes, finally the pup let Knothead have the ball and ran back to the shade of the maple tree and sprawled out with his tongue hanging out.

Knothead came huffing and puffing back to the green with his ball and we told him he had to play the ball where it laid, and since he did not mark the spot, we let him take a double bogey on the hole.  Thus the dog became Bogey.  I walked up the the pup and spoke softly to him and he let me scratch his hears.  I pet him some more and we headed to the next green.  Bogey followed  us all the way to the club house.  Since I am a dog lover, I took Bogey home with me and we have been pals ever since.
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How I ended up at Shade Well Country Club
Hi, I am Bogey and the first thing you should know about me is I can speak human.  Don't ask me how, just accept that I can.  I was born on a farm, and have brothers and sisters.  I was more of an explorer and a restless sort.  I was out checking the mews, [if you know what that is.] out in the meadow and pasture.  I came upon an old limb that had fallen from a big maple tree and it still had some leaves on it.  I decided to go up and see what I could smell.

As I approached the tree, I noticed something move in the limb, so I stopped and sniffed the air and keep an eye on the movement.  Dang if it wasn't RR, the barn cat, and one of my nemesis, of which I would not encounter today.  So I sort of eased over behind where he was and something caught my eye over to the right...a squirrel.  My first instinct was go take after it, and before I could get control of myself, I broke into a full out run after the the squirrel and he took off and jumped on the trunk of the tree and and was in an upside down position looking at me and barking and flipping his tail like he wanted to take fight.  I moved towards him and he jumped on the fallen limb and I took after him again, and he went deeper into the tangled limbs.

All of a sudden I saw RR, and he was crouched down in an pouncing stance, like he was fixing to catch the squirrel for his breakfast.  I skidded to a stop and RR must have seen me because he was on me like a rooster on a june-bug.  I took off like a scalded dog as fast as my little legs could carry me.  Out through the pasture and towards a line of trees that separated the farm from the rock quarry.  RR was about 3 feet behind me and I cut right and headed in to the stand of trees and brush.  That gave me a couple feet gain and down over the hill towards the rock I tore at full speed.  At the bottom of the hill was a creek and I jumped with as much push as I could do and landed on the other side in a big pile of sand.

Looking back I saw RR standing on the other side afraid to jump, I reckon because cats hate water.  So I tried to climb up the big mound of sand and kept sinking in.  I rested a little and while I was sitting there panting like a freight train, I heard a roaring sound and some big machine heading my way.  The next thing I knew it started taking big bites of sand and dumping it into this huge box.  He made a couple of trips and the next bite was where I was.  Then next thing I know, I was on top of a huge pile of sand.

I heard a man say, "I will be back as soon as I get this load of sand over to Shade Well Country Club."  He climbed in to the front of the box thing and we started moving.  Sitting up there on top was sort of fun...the wind in my face and my ears flapping felt good and was cooling me off after running from RR.

All of a sudden the truck stopped and I heard a clang and the box started tilting.  Since I was on top, I started falling and was scared to death.  Then next thing I knew I tumbled onto the ground and landed on my back.  I saw more sand coming that was going to cover me up, so I got up and ran for my life.

That's how I ended up at Shade Well.  There was a huge tree not far from where I was dumped so I headed there so I could be in the shade and collect my thoughts.  That's when this little white ball landed on the ground close to me and was rolling.  The pup in me could not resist chasing the ball. 

That's when I first saw Knothead, Hoss and Scruffy.
This is my dog
Bogey. He showed up at Shade Well and I sort of adopted him.
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